Research on Teaching Learning Community: Are you a Member yet? – Ken Meadows

Earlier this week, Mike Atkinson wrote a blog post on an innovation he will be implementing in his classroom.  One of the joys about working with the TSC is working with teachers like Mike who are passionate about student learning and are always thinking about new ways of facilitating that learning.  Knowing Mike as I do, I would imagine that he has also thought about how he will know what impact that innovation is having on his students (…I will ask him and let you know).

With Allen Pearson, Faculty Associate in the area of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning with the TSC, I have the pleasure of coordinating programs for faculty members like Mike who implement learning innovations and assess the potential impact of those innovations.  One of those programs is the Research on Teaching Learning Community (RTLC).  The RTLC is a collection of members of the Western academic community who are interested in conducting original research into the effect of teaching innovations on students (e.g., their learning, motivation, engagement). Currently, programming for the RTLC involves a monthly e-mail newsletter and meetings once or twice a term.  The RTLC newsletter updates RTLC members of the research on teaching happenings at Western and more generally (e.g., conferences, grants, publications).  The RTLC meetings allow members to meet to discuss issues of interest related to research on teaching and, if applicable, their own research on teaching projects.  The membership includes faculty members, librarians, and archivists from all ranks and academic disciplines.

If you are interested in research on teaching and would like to join the community (i.e., receive the e-mail newsletter and/or attend RTLC meetings), welcome!  Please e-mail me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ken N. Meadows


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