Creativity in the Classroom – Natasha Patrito Hannon

In my last post (Rediscovering the Masters), I highlighted a paper by Richard Felder titled ‘Creating Creative Engineers’. This paper proposes a number of strategies to foster creative problem solving skills among students in the technical disciplines.

As I revisit the syllabus for an upcoming course, Environmental Issues, I continue to ask myself whether I am offering students an opportunity to engage creatively with the subject matter – to incorporate part of themselves into this material that they are absorbing.  More about the crazy project that I’ve developed to help achieve that in a future post, but for now, here are two videos that are currently buzzing in my brain:

1.  Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity.

2.  Dave Eggers’ Wish:  Once Upon a School.

Both videos are source from, an absolutely marvellous resource that was recently featured in the Teaching Support Centre’s Reflections Newsletter.  Please check it out for additional information on how TED can be used to supplement and enhance your students’ learning.


One thought on “Creativity in the Classroom – Natasha Patrito Hannon

  1. I love that you brought up the Ken Robinson’s TED talk about how school kills creativity. I agree that school should emphasize more on the creative aspects of life. Creativity is an intelligence that helps with all aspects of life.

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