Western Research on Teaching Grant

Have you ever tried something new in your classroom and wondered what effect it really had on student learning? Have you ever thought of doing research on a teaching technique, a teaching technology, or some other aspect of your teaching or your students’ learning? Research Western, in cooperation with the Teaching Support Centre, has established the Western Research on Teaching Grant program to facilitate research on teaching and learning at Western. The purpose of the Research on Teaching Grant program is to support the work of all faculty, librarians, and archivists to conduct research on teaching developments, innovations and practices in which they are engaged.

Amount: Maximum $3000

Deadlines: Associate Dean – March 17, 2010
                          Research Western – March 31, 2010

More information is available at: http://www.uwo.ca/research/rds/internal/rds_funding_internfunding_research_on_teaching.html .

If you would like any assistance with developing a research on teaching project, please feel free to contact me at kmeadow2@uwo.ca.

Ken N. Meadows, Ph.D.
Educational Research
Teaching and Learning Services


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